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DotZLib::GZipStream Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Implements a compressed Stream, in GZip (.gz) format.

Definition at line 17 of file GZipStream.cs.

Public Member Functions

void Dispose ()
 Closes the external file handle.
override void Flush ()
 Flushes the GZipStream.
 GZipStream (string fileName)
 Opens an existing file as a readable GZipStream.
 GZipStream (string fileName, CompressLevel level)
 Creates a new file as a writeable GZipStream.
override int Read (byte[] buffer, int offset, int count)
 Attempts to read a number of bytes from the stream.
override int ReadByte ()
 Attempts to read a single byte from the stream.
override long Seek (long offset, SeekOrigin origin)
 Not suppported.
override void SetLength (long value)
 Not supported.
override void Write (byte[] buffer, int offset, int count)
 Writes a number of bytes to the stream.
override void WriteByte (byte value)
 Writes a single byte to the stream.


override bool CanRead [get]
 Returns true of this stream can be read from, false otherwise.
override bool CanSeek [get]
 Returns false.
override bool CanWrite [get]
 Returns true if this tsream is writeable, false otherwise.
override long Length [get]
 Gets the size of the stream. Not suppported.
override long Position [get, set]
 Gets/sets the current position in the GZipStream. Not suppported.

Private Member Functions

void cleanUp (bool isDisposing)
static int gzclose (IntPtr gzFile)
static int gzgetc (IntPtr gzFile)
static IntPtr gzopen (string name, string mode)
static int gzputc (IntPtr gzFile, int c)
static int gzread (IntPtr gzFile, int data, int length)
static int gzwrite (IntPtr gzFile, int data, int length)
 ~GZipStream ()
 Destroys this instance.

Private Attributes

IntPtr _gzFile
bool _isDisposed = false
bool _isWriting

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