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DotZLib::Inflater Class Reference

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DotZLib::CodecBase DotZLib::Codec

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Detailed Description

Implements a data decompressor, using the inflate algorithm in the ZLib dll.

Definition at line 18 of file Inflater.cs.

Public Member Functions

void Add (byte[] data)
 Adds more data to the codec to be processed.
override void Add (byte[] data, int offset, int count)
 Adds more data to the codec to be processed.
void Dispose ()
 Releases any unmanaged resources and calls the CleanUp() method of the derived class.
override void Finish ()
 Finishes up any pending data that needs to be processed and handled.
 Inflater ()
 Constructs an new instance of the Inflater.

Protected Member Functions

override void CleanUp ()
 Closes the internal zlib inflate stream.
void copyInput (byte[] data, int startIndex, int count)
 Copies a number of bytes to the internal codec buffer - ready for proccesing.
void OnDataAvailable ()
 Fires the DataAvailable event.
void resetOutput ()
 Resets the internal output buffers to a known state - ready for processing.
void setChecksum (uint newSum)
 Updates the running checksum property.

Protected Attributes

bool _isDisposed = false
 True if the object instance has been disposed, false otherwise.
const int kBufferSize = 16384
 The size of the internal buffers.


uint Checksum [get]
 Gets the checksum of the data that has been added so far.


DataAvailableHandler DataAvailable
 Occurs when more processed data are available.

Private Member Functions

static int inflate (ref ZStream sz, int flush)
static int inflateEnd (ref ZStream sz)
static int inflateInit_ (ref ZStream sz, string vs, int size)
static int inflateReset (ref ZStream sz)

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